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LED Copper frame VS LED iron frame

LED Copper frame VS LED iron 


 There are a wide range of SMD LED on the market now. The price will be much different although the same lighting effective and parameter.,the mainly reason is material is different .today let us analysis the copper frame and iron frame different and performance.

What is the LED frame?

  LED frame is formed by the electrical and thermal conductivity of metal injection molding PPA to host the LED chip and glue, generally copper plated stand,  silver plated effect is beneficial to LED lighting and LED gold wire bonding, then it is make the led chips connect to the led that it could light up.

LED frame function:

1:load LED chip

2, conducting

3, heat dissipation

 4, protection of internal structure inside the smd led, then led us check the what's the difference between LED Copper frame and LED iron frame ?


LED copper frame

LED iron frame










All of us know that the most influential factors for the lifetime is the LED temperature. So as we could know that the more resistivity low,then more brightness of the led; the led iron frame resistivity is 5.8 time of copper frame. And the conductivity more high, then better for heat dissipation for led long lifetime use.

Finally ,the fatal flaws of iron frame is easy to rust.iron rust led to loss of silver plated LED stent caused LED dead.



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